Voice Control in Mobile Application


Is it possible to incorporate voice controls in a mobile app? Lets say I told my app “open chrome” and then my mobile app replies “ok” and then does it. What about slightly more complex, like “read the name of the website in chrome” and then it reads it aloud.


Yes this is possible.

Are there any guides on accomplishing this? I’m having trouble finding any resources on it.

Not that I know of.

Need to get a speech to text implementation, likely through AI API…might even need a voice recorder to first record the speech before converting to text. After convert to text need to have things setup in the app to translate the text into a command which triggers the workflows.

It is complex and would take a decent amount of time and a lot of skill and experience within Bubble and APIs and AI like OpenAI to accomplish. Definitely not something a newbie or intermediate could likely do quickly, but after a few months worth of learning what needs to be known they may. It would also likely trick up a large number of ‘experienced’ Bubble developers as well.

Ah ok, maybe I underestimated the difficulty level of bubble. Although I’m sure its still easier than coding all that. Thanks for the help.