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Voice Recognition Plug-In: Trigger Words Gone Rogue

Hi there - let me start by saying I’m new and have no experience with programming or code. But I have an insatiable passion to get my project to work, and so here I am.

I am open to learning and have had great success with and Zeroqode’s Voice Recognition plugin until now. Here’s the challenge I’m facing:

I’m creating a “choose your own adventure” that is controlled by the user’s voice.

If the user comes to a choice interval and responds with a trigger word that has not been programmed for that interval, but has been set up for an earlier part of the story, the app will play the earlier part of the story in response.

I have tried killing the mic/listening. I have tried stopping all the previous audio.

Is there a way to make sure the audio meant for earlier intervals does not play in response to any intervals that come after it?

Thank you so much for helping!


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