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Hey Guys :wave:t2:

I would like to add more plugins to the bubble eco system, Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s current issues, which would be solved by a plugin.

Shoot away, I am all ears :ear:t2:

Disclaimer: Simple plugins will be Free and more complex or larger plugins will be Paid.

  • Cybersource Payments
  • Ayden Payments
  • Bryntum Scheduler Pro

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Hey @shawnmi6, Cybersource payments would be my suggestion:

It’s widely used where Stripe is not available.


@mihira I will add it to the list. I have decided to add a poll, remember to cast your vote :slight_smile:

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Integration of Bryntum schedulers would be great. They have several great ones:


Bryntum Scheduler Pro – The most powerful JS resource management component |…

A modern and high performance scheduler component. Built from the ground up with pure JavaScript, supporting any framework you are already using (incl. React, Angular and Vue).


Bryntum Gantt – The super fast JavaScript Gantt chart for any web app | Bryntum

The industry leading javascript Gantt chart component. Feature packed, easily extensible and compatible with any server environment.


Bryntum Task Board – A Super Flexible Kanban Board Web Component | Bryntum

The Bryntum Task Board is a super flexible Kanban board UI component for any web app.

Or comparable great scheduler inside a bubble ecosystem.

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@HappyBuilder added!

Just a heads up, we are working on official Bryntum plugins for Bubble for all our power components. Updates coming after the summer! :slight_smile:


That would be great! Bryntum components are not cheap but worth every penny. I would be first to subscribe.

BTW, this guy may be a perfect match to help you with your plugin - New plugin making course with all-included and no-knowledge-spared [15 July 2021] - Vini @vini_brito has just released a course on how to make plugins.

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Hi! Do you have any results?

I am also interested to hear )