Voting Platform with payment gateway

Please I am new here and would like to learn how to build a successful automated voting database platform with payment gateway. ireally need this and am open to learn. please can anyone work with me

First of all, welcome :wave:

There are many ways to learn Bubble, and learning is always better than having someone do it for you.

Bubble lessons:

Bubble crash course:


I really appreciate your effort but what I need to build is quite vast

I want to build a voting app thats automated but with login details for new users who want to create a contest. after which on the front end friends and family can vote for there favorite contestant and voting is done with money

now I want to set up a function that reads that after payment is successful the database will read the payment success and then updated the vote of that contestant automatically.

this is not something I can build all by myself thats why I need a guide on what steps to do to achieve this

What you want to do is possible, but unfortunately the help won’t be free.

May be you want to break your requirement into smaller steps and ask for help on the difficult steps. :grinning:

I want to create an Automated voting Platform with payment gateway…

step1 to create the contestants
step2 to create the counter where votes are displayed
step3 to create the vote button

workflow for the vote button

  1. When vote button is clicked, a pop up appears showing different integrated payment gateways to choose from ( paystack, pay pal, flutterwave, bitcoin etc. which I will install individual plugins for) .

  2. When the a preferred gateway is selected, user wil input all necessary details for the transaction to be approved successfully.

  3. Once the transactions is approved, a successful command is sent back so that the vote counter of the said contestant, and the exact vote paid for can reflect automatically.

my issue is integrating the automated counter to receive command and update paid votes