Want to build a feature where user and download client's statement

Hi all,

I am hoping to get some suggestions from other Bubblers here.

My app is a marketplace for funds where users (who are mostly wealth advisors) can invest in funds on behalf of their investors.

Each month, the funds will issue a statement of the client’s investment and today this is done via emails. However, I’d like to now add a feature where the user can download their client’s statements on-demand from my app.

Has anyone here attempted this type of feature?

If so, would you be able to share some ideas of how this is achieved?


Are you currently generating the statements for the emails? Can’t you just apply the same logic you use for that for the on-demand download?

Hi NoCodePete,

No, we are currently not generating the statement. Currently the statements are generated by the fund manager and sent to us via email attachment. We then are manually uploading into the app, client by client, which is not scalable. So we’re looking to change that.

We are exploring two options and likely both would require an API:

  1. Have the app read the email sent by the Fund Manager to extract the attached statement and store into the app or…

  2. Have the Fund Manager upload the statement into a storage via SFTP and we will have our app point to the file based on unique client identifer.

If you have other ideas, I am open to it.

Ah I see. Don’t think there is a “correct” solution here then, kind of just depends on what you think makes most sense with Fund Managers. I would probably have them log into your app and provide a secure upload flow for them.

Might get complex reading emails and extracting the attached files if the emails aren’t super standardized. That doesn’t seem like the best solution in my opinion.

OK. So the solution I’ve decided to go with is to use an email parser from Pabbly to extract the data and attachment, and store into Bubble. Seems like the easily path to go…

I have a plug-in I’m using that takes a list of objects (an array of JavaScript objects, formatted as JSON ) and spits out a CSV on the client side. It’s currently private but I don’t mind releasing it as a free plugin. Would that interest you?


Thanks Jonah. Right now I’ve found a solution by using a third party plugin called Pabbly. Seems to work well so far.

But might need your plugin later on as there are other more complex things I need to do.

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