Want to make a group which will appear when I click on Add Customer

How to and where to creat a group?

if I create it here it’ll appear in all sections of dashboard

There are many ways to accomplish this. I see some other buttons/links there too, so here’s what I recommend: Make a custom state (of type text) on the page or major group. Call it “display” or something like that. Next, make a group for your Add Customer. Make it not visible by default, but add a condition for it to be visible only when the custom state that you named “display” is equal to “Add Customer”. Now, add a workflow so that when Add Customer is clicked, it sets that custom state “display” value equal to “Add Customer”. Do the same thing for each of those buttons/links to show different groups.

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Thank You soo much @BrianHenderson :blush::blush:

Let us know if you need more help than that! It would be easy to record a quick video demonstration.

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@BrianHenderson Thats so nice of you :heart:

@BrianHenderson can you please make a quick video? I’m still having a problem that after clicking on add customer it appear and then it displayed in all the linked(Dashboard, Add Invoice . etc)

I will in a bit. When you click on Dashboard, Add Invoice, and so on then you should change the custom state “display” value to some other value (such as “Dashboard” or “Add Invoice”). If your Add Customer group is only visible when the state’s value is “Add Customer” then your problem will be resolved.

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@BrianHenderson, Yeah its working perfect now.

Here you go!

And here’s the editor page so you can study it:

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@BrianHenderson you’re such a gem :heart:.
Thank you soooo sooo muchhh.
The way you explain is much good then my Web technology instructor :man_teacher:.
:joy: Just Kidding.

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