Wanted! Bubble Tutor

Looking for the Bubble designer/developer, experienced enough with the Bubble platform to be able to:

  • create different types of functional modules that matter for any web app. (Eg: comments&replies, reviews functionalities, etc.);
  • record all this building process with voice-over as a video product.

The scope of work for each educational video and final output details will be determined individually for each lesson, depending on the complexity of the explained Bubble functional.

English: fluent or native only

Learn more:

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Wait, this is for Zeroqode? Hmm, you might want to mention that in the title and/or body of the post because, as I’m sure you know, the name carries a bit of weight around here. :slight_smile:

Oh, maybe you didn’t want folks to know until they clicked on one of the links, in which case I apologize for ruining the surprise. Best of luck filling your position, which may or may not be related to Zeroqode. :wink:



@mikeloc Thanks a lot. :wink:

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