Wanting to make a Check-In Kiosk

I’m looking to build a type of check in kiosk for a store location. Basically, it would display a list of users in the form of buttons on who the customer there to see. I have the front end display to my liking, but I don’t know if there is a way to connect with something else so that the person they’re there to see can be notified. Something like a desktop notification of some sort would be ideal. I didn’t see any plugin that looked like it could do something like that. Any ideas or directions for me to look in?

Not sure how to do a desktop notification, but you could easily set up a text or email to the person on scheduling an appointment.
A few resources to help:
TEXTS: Co bubble’s course on setting up texting in your app (https://cobubble.com/dashboard?product=education)
CALENDAR INTEGRATION: go.codefree.co?r=2DC9S7
Emails can be set up in a workflow or using CoBubble’s Sendgrid plugin

RE: push/desktop notifications, you may be able to make something like this work - but I’d think it could get pretty involved…

Not so much looking for appointment booking, as they’re not really using that with the customers, just more like they come in the door and tap who they’re there to see, and that person would be notified, to meet them at the front. That’s kind of the idea I’m going for. Maybe more of a paging system then anything else.

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