Warning to all plugin builders- please report this asap

Hey everyone,

Bad news - on more than one plugin, I am getting an error that I am unable to push plugin updates due to an unexpected server error. If you are experiencing the same thing, please report a bug to Bubble.


@jonah.deleseleuc I am having a plugin with the same problem. I already reported it and haven’t heard anything back as of yet. Just as a note, it doesn’t happen to all of my plugins, just one of them.

I’m glad you are posting because maybe it will get some further attention now.

From bubble support a few weeks ago

I was having the same issue



@jared.gibb wow that definitely fixed the issue for me, thank you!

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I’ll have to use your workaround, but it’s a shame there’s no real fix for this.

Just keeping this thread active - issue is ongoing as of today. Have reported to Bubble

EDIT: and the workaround is still effective