Warning: when customers using Grammarly browser addon

Hi all

I found an old post about a reported issue using Grammarly plugin and have seen the same today, which potentially could have you and your customers banging heads on the table!

It appears that if you use a Multilineinput field in your forms that when the Grammarly browser plugin is installed it makes all your text based Fields disappear! When enabled, click inside the Multilineinput type and all text fields disappear! This was tested on FireFox

This also occurs in Bubble Admin if you have it enabled go to Settings > Languages and click inside the very first text box “Loading messages” and all the text fields disappear.

Why is this important? Because this application is used increasingly not only in web but as a Microsoft Integration.

Example of the issue:


After clicking inside the multilineinput only:

Your Admin Languages page after clicking inside the first multilineinput text field.

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Only fix I can see at this stage is to get your customer to disable Grammarly browser extension.

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