Was the Bubble Forum built using Bubble?

Did some poking around but could not seem to find a solid answer. Curious as to what platform the Bubble forum was build on (as I love the interface), and wondered if it was build using Bubble (which wouldn’t surprise me) or an off the shelf community tool.


I don’t think so. Webflow forum looks near identical and other seem to use the same forum.

It’s actually https://www.discourse.org/. There is actually a way to add Discourse into your Bubble app too. Here is the post: [New Feature] Discourse SSO

I made a much more simple forum that looks very similar. https://bubble.io/template/simple-fast-loading-forum-1554006263397x274387721704701950

Also this other one that is easier to copy into your app: https://bubble.io/template/add-a-custom-forum-to-app-1595543649512x919275416522588200

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks guys! Super appreciate the rapid answer!

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@J805 I stumbled across this post. I wasn’t even looking to have a forum for my app (yet). I played with it. You did an amazing job! Love the simplicity and the UI/UX. I will be a customer when I am ready to add the forum into my application! Great job!

Thanks @freehold2018 :blush:

It’s just a really simplified version of a forum. The cool thing is that you can add functionality to it because it’s built in Bubble. :raised_hands:

I recommend starting with the template first. Bubble hasn’t fixed the issues when copying things over to your own app. So it makes it a little difficult to add it later. Not impossible though.

If you think you will need a forum in a project, just start with the forum template each time. Then you can switch out the index page to your own. Then you will always have the forum ready to go.

Hope that makes sense. :blush: Thanks for the kind words!