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☁️Wasabi Cloud Storage Plugin

I need this for my website builder - integrated, so that my users can upload their videos (and only see their videos).
Are you free to do this as paid job?

Hi @vantroba.marco, thanks for reaching out.

Regretfully, so far Zeroqode is not providing small customization works. Sorry for such inconvenience.
In this case, I would recommend checking the Freelance section at the Bubble forum: Jobs / Freelance - Bubble Forum or checking on UpWork or Fiverr for Bubble freelancer development offers.

Also, for setup guidance, please see the plugin:

Hope the provided hints help. If there are any other plugin-related questions, please let us know :wink:

Zeroqode Support Team

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Hello, I’m looking to see if you guys can help me with this and if it’s even possible.

I’m trying to see if this is possible:
1: The user drags in multiple files into the Wasabi S3 uploader.
2. A thing “File” is created with text fields like Name, S3 URL, etc…
3. The first file is uploaded with the location "(result of step2’s unique id)/
4. Make changes to step 2: Set the S3 URL to result of Wasabi S3’s upload
Then somehow loop this so it does it for all files uploaded.

I tried doing this in the backend via “Schedule API on a list” but you can’t upload in the backend, and you can’t get the result of the uploader anyways to retrieve the relevant URL.

I’ve been trying to a few hours and can’t figure it out. There’s no “result of Wasabi S3”. The idea is that I create essentially what Bubble does with their file uploads. When you upload something Bubble automatically makes a new File type with all the related fields. And all of them just being in one giant directory, but every file is under a folder with a unique ID so you can upload multiple files with the same name.

Thank you!

Hi @tyler11, thanks for your inquiry.

We’re afraid that the proposed use case might be hard to implement as at the moment when file is added to the Wasabi S3 uploader (step 2), all storage-related fields should be filled with related values.

A possible solution might be to add conditions and pauses as well as separate steps 1 and 2 in one workflow and 3, 4 in another. Regretfully, we can’t add more details as it would be beyond our responsibilities.

Please let us know if there is anything else on the default plugin functionality that we can help with.

Zeroqode Support Team

Okay thanks. Please add it to your roadmap if it is possible, I saw the new update when you do the “Upload to Wasabi from another cloud” in the backend you were able to do the “Result of” from that step so I figured maybe this would be the same. Thanks anyways.

Hi @tyler11, thanks for your suggestion.

Noted and added. Once any news will appear in this regard, this thread will know them first :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice week ahead!

Zeroqode Support Team