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There is no way to entirely disabled it.
If you wish a permanent link, then you should generate a public URL as @tylerboodman suggested before:

Those public URLs are available in the response fields of actions containing “Generate URLs” option. For your use-case, I would suggest to use “Set File Public Access”, so the considered file can be made public.

I would bet that Path & File Name is empty/null when you triggered this action. Please check this in the debugger. Also, please update to the latest plugin version, it has input validation improvements in terms of error message.

@redvivi in my case that Path & File Name is (filename.ext)

because the file is at the root of the bucket. I am right? I already updated the latest version.
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 12.26.01

The screenshot you show is for Get Upload Presigned URL. The issue you raised was on Get Download Presigned URL.

in both cases I use the same route… before it worked fine for me now it gives me that little error

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 12.37.08
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 12.37.18

I checked the code and checked also with demo but can’t find any other reasonable explanation.

I would still suggest to go to the debugger and check the data of this field at the call time.

Alternatively, you can still downgrade the plugin version to make 200% sure it worked before. If so, please provide the version number.

the version i am using is

What I can notice is that the file is uploaded to the bucket correctly. using “GET UPLOAD PRESIGNED EXPIRING URL” but when i try to get the url “GET DOWNLOAD PRESIGNED EXPIRING URL” to store it in the database. This does not happen

When you call GET DOWNLOAD PRESIGNED EXPIRING URL, please check if the Path & File Name field is not empty in debug mode.

Apologies, I meant in the step-by-step Bubble debugger :slight_smile:.

So you can check whether the Path & File Name field on the GET DOWNLOAD PRESIGNED URL action file is indeed in the said bucket or not.

:upside_down_face: Here I send you the results of both steps
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 14.42.13

Yep, that’s what I thought.

The File Name is empty in the GET DOWNLOAD PRESIGNED EXPIRED URL, so indeed the file does not exist.

So either you fetch this data back from your any element or database that contains it, or you generate the download link within the loop to upload the Accepted File Loop (referring to the demo ) to have access to the Current File’s file_name

Or you generate all those links at the end looping through the All Files Uploaded, so once all of the files have been uploaded.

ok i started on a new page to test everything ok and now i’m having this problem i show you

Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 15.21.09
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 15.21.19

It only loads the first file correctly and the others do not

Maybe the workflow that loops for each file had an error during the 1st one?

At first I thought that was it, but the file was successfully uploaded to the bucket, and I can’t upload any more files. only the first one the others come out like this

It may have uploaded but did Bubble itself run into any workflow errors that cause it to terminate the whole thing?

I have not changed anything in the configuration, now the files are all uploaded but it shows me this error !!!

It says “Expected format is [path]/filename.ext” And in the Bubble debug it says your the “Path & Filename” is empty. Could you screenshot what you have in your upload pre-signed URL step?

Sorry I meant in Bubble when you go to the “Get upload presigned expiring URL” step could you screenshot what you have in as your path.

I see that your upload presigned URL action comes after all files uploaded event.

I can’t figure out why upload presigned URLs would be generated after this event. Upload presigned URL must be generated within the accepted file (singular) loop to trigger uploading.

Please refer to the editor demo for implementation example.

Should you wish a custom integration into your app, please DM us directly.

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