Way to change a text element based on the last time a user viewed an RG

I have a “notification” area above staff bulletin, I want this to change based on when the player last visited the RG on the staffbulletin page, and if a new “bulletin” has been created, then it will change the number on the notification.


@cliffwoodjames You can sort RG descending on created date and use current cell index for notification number. For new bulletins since last visit, you can add a conditional on icon like ‘current cell’s bulletin’s creation date > current user’s modified date’ then icon color is green

The notification is on a different page, and I should have mentioned, I want it to show number of unread/unviewed bulletins.

@cliffwoodjames Add a Read field in bulletin where you add users who have read bulletin. Then in RG, you can constrain on read/unread by current user and also add count.

I kind of understand, but not fully do you think you could maybe provide some screenshots or step by step instructions? Sorry!

The repeating group displays bulletins unread by current user and shows count on top. The check icon runs a workflow to mark the bulletin as read by current user.

Thanks, so how would I make the text in the main page change based on the number of unread bulletins?

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