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We are hiring! Looking for an experienced bubble developer!

We are hiring!
Position: Bubble developer!

SustVest (formerly SolarGridX)(SolarGridx) was born based on 2 major hunches:

  1. Most of the financial instruments will be tokenized and moved to the blockchain.
  2. Sustainable investment will see tremendous growth in 2020-2030.

With that mission in mind, we started working on building a sustainable investment platform to crowdfund renewable energy projects.
This position will ask for the following things from you:

  • We have a template-ready application. Need someone who can help us with,
    - Integrating API’s
    - Integrating Workflows
    - Working on UI/UX and customizing existing application

I’m (#hiring). Know anyone who might be interested?
Preferred location - India
You can also share your resume/CV to ([email protected])

Hi @SolarGridX

I can help you with your app.

[email protected]

I sent to you an email :wink:

Hey! Check out this directory with Bubble experts.

Just message the one you would love to hire or post your project & get matched with a handpicked dev for your requirements in 48H :eyes:

Are you open to working with people from the US?

Hey Jared,
Definitely. Why not? :slight_smile: