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Hey people,
So after spending time on bubble and many interviews later, I have a question, what are interviewers after ? what are they searching for in a junior developer ?

I suppose that would be different for each interviewer. But, generally, they are likely interested in seeing a demonstration of strong skill sets. As that relates to Bubble, maybe some apps built, answers reflecting deep understanding of Bubble best practices and potentially a attitude/personality that reflects the type that could be a good performer.

How long have you been using Bubble?

What is your past technical experience?

Do you have at least one app you built personally to demo and walkthrough how you built it?

I’ve been using bubble for 7 months now and yes I have an app or apps built worked with a team as well but recently had 2 interviews that didn’t go well although I thought they went well.
I mean it’s crazy really, I get assigned tasks I can handle them but when it comes to interviews its like worst of luck.
So what would be required of a junior developer cuz it’s not quite encouraging knowing something that isn’t paying you.


Ask them to assign you a Bubble dev task

If you cannot do it … research the heck out of it until you solve it … and at the very least … you will have gained more knowledge out of the experience.

Already done with the canvas bootcamp thanks tho.

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