We Really Need a GET Method for Workflow APIs

Any news?


Any updates on this?


A lot users waiting for this feature


Looking forward to this feature

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Making my contribution to bring this thread in attention again.


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For people wanting to use Amazon API Gateway to convert a POST API to GET API, here’re the steps to do that.

This is for very simplistic flow (e.g. no authentication etc.). I am myself not very technically sound, and hence lot of terminologies are beyond me. But since these steps worked for me and I found it after a bit of struggle, I thought I’ll post these here in case they benefit someone.

  1. Create API. Choose REST

  2. Choose “new API”

  3. Click on Create Method

  4. Choose GET type

  5. Choose HTTP as the type. POST as the method (as Bubble API is POST). Give your API URL in Endpoint URL. Choose Content handling as “passthrough”

  6. After all that is done, this screen should come. You can click on “Test” here to test it out

  7. If you click on “Method Request” in above screen, you’d get this. You can change authorization etc as per your need. I kept these all None as I had no idea what to do in other cases. You can add URL Query parameters too here.

  8. Now deploy this API

  9. Give some stage name. Stage name that you give here will be part of final url that Amazon gives you

  10. Once you deploy, you would get this screen. “Invoke URL” is what you can use as the GET API for your original POST API! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


Would also love to see this feature as I understood it is a prerequisite to enable usage of embed.ly / embedo. Allowing ppl to oEmbed the content of our page on other pages like Medium could be a game changer for us. How about making this a christmas present @emmanuel :slight_smile: ?


We waiting this feature from some years and looks like they never hear us

Hey all - just chiming in that this feature request is on our radar, but hasn’t been planned yet since its a feature that could easily be abused / has a number of considerations. Will keep this thread up to date if/when it is added to the roadmap.


+1 for this. So frustrating.

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+1 here. Much needed.

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+1 here …adding my two cents

Is this still a need?
I made a GET to POST converter specifically for Bubble and it’s really easy to use. If you are interested I could make it public.

@adunniola @paulmkhonta @aj11


Dude, that would be incredible! Is it a plugin? How does it work?

+1 here. Been working around this problem for a while now. Would 100% pay for something like this.

I’d like to look at that too

I could add this to saasalias plugin. Would cost me a day or two. Would there be a lot of interest and how should it work. Could someone show me an example?

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Yes, this would be great. Please make it public.

Alright you convinced me @aj11 @dannyliu @chad @paulmkhonta !
I will release it before the end of the week! :slight_smile:

Well basically for now it’s just a backend system that interprets requests to proxy it to the right bubble endpoint, so the only thing I need to create is a Bubble app so you can add your app and set up your endpoints - and ideally debug the requests.
I just need to think about how can I do it in a way that doesn’t cost too much money so I can release it for free or at least with a free tier.

Just to be sure my app handle all possible scenarios, could you all send me an example of the requests you are expecting to send to Bubble as a GET as well as how many calls per month you expect to receive. So I can make sure it works before pushing live.



@vnihoul77 @aj11 @dannyliu @chad @paulmkhonta

Just added it to SaasAlias plugin.

Here is the working version: https://saasalias-saasalias-v94vkrp99erolmf6kekbqd.netlify.app/version-test/api/1.1/wf/test?show=testing123&alsoshow=hi

Its converting the get to post and returning the values.

Here is the explanation: Vidyard Recording?

If you want to know how SaasAlias works see [plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps