We won the no-code edition of Product Hunt Makers Festival! Thanks Bubblers!🏆

Me and @mattmazzega entered the Product Hunt Makers Festival. This year's Makers Festival is all about no-code apps but sponsored by another no-code solution called Coda. If you like it, we would love your vote for our app: MirrorMirror and help spread the Bubble Word!

Check out the app here:

We used this hackaton to finally work on an internal idea we've had for some time. The no-code Makers Festival was just the incentive we needed to get this out! We started the build on Monday and finished Friday night after a week I wouldn't want to redo any time soon (and the same for our families :sweat_smile: )

Our app allows users to do simple but effective A/B user testing. For example, as a designer you want to get feedback for two possible icon designs before presenting to your client. Running the designs through MirrorMirror will give you a lot of valuable feedback on how real users like the two versions. You can make a better choice to show to your client. The possibilities of testing two things are endless…

You can create your first Mirror for free :slightly_smiling_face:

As we want to continue this app, any feedback is more than welcome!


Good job guys, upvoted :slight_smile:


Upvoted. Good luck guys! That was a nice sprint!

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You’ve got my up-vote. :smiley:

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Just to let everyone else who hasn’t voted “MirrorMirror” is under the “Everything Else” category. :smiley:

congrats, guys, upvoted!

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Thanks everyone, much appreciated! We’ll do some more thorough user testing after the contest as we haven’t had much feedback yet.

@josh did a nice test, but we’re not even sure he came back to see the results :smiley:

There is maybe something to do in explaining better that the app takes care of finding the respondents, getting their results and presenting them for the user. So you only provide the assets you want to test…


Congrats guys!


Nice one guys for winning the ‘Everything Else’ category:

NoCode future…


Holy hell! That was actually ver unexpected. I was writing a blog post about there was basically only a way up for this app seeing all the test data (basically lack of) so never expected this!

Thanks for the support bubble community :tada::heart_eyes:


Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the best bubbler of them all

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Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot guys!

As Vincent said, we love to think that this recognition was because of the value of MirrorMirror (at least a bit :wink: ) but we believe that It’s definitely thanks to the community support and vote :slight_smile:

Keep going Bubble and Bubblers :v:


Great to see some quality & long time Bubbler’s getting recognition, congrats @vincent56 and @mattmazzega ! :tada:

Also, a thanks from the Bubble community for showing some of the amazing capabilities of Bubble.is to others which I am sure will help grow the user base and platform :+1:


Congrats, @vincent56 and @mattmazzega, hopefully this helps others know about Bubble.



Congratulations guys, I did take a look at the website before voting, I just didn’t join because I currently don’t have a need for it, but I do value the concept behind it, which is why I voted for it, happy for you guys. :smiley:


Awesome work :slight_smile:

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Thanks @NigelG

Btw, looks like you could use a haircut :joy:

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Yay! Congrats @vincent56 and @mattmazzega! Well done :clap::tada::trophy: