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Web App with offline support?

Can I make a record database web app with offline functionality? Or atleast, can I make an app wherein I can “sync” the offline software to bubble app database?

Take a look at this written by @JohnMark,

Maybe I need a week of research to digest that? Haha. If I can do that, I can create native mobile apps right? Can I use that offline then “sync” to bubble database whenever goes online?

I’d reach out the one one mentioned, he knows more in depth than I do. But if I remember correctly, it does have that ability.

Technically they’re not true native apps, but if you read up on a few posts, there’s a few good ones on how to be the most efficient when creating/designing a good ‘native’ experience for your app. This method isn’t too complicated, and it’s free :slight_smile:

@lantzgould I’m currently on the process of making an online database app. A mobile ios/android app would ba a great feature. Especially with offline and syncing capabilities.

Many clients want to have native mobile apps with offline/syncing capability. It would really help me.

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