Web developer with experience customizing/hacking CSS in Bubble.io

We are having trouble with dynamically adjusting the size of bubble components based on the screen size. Specifically, we need the dimensions of certain components to be specified as a ‘%’ of the parent container / viewport (bubble only permits absolute dimensions)

For example, we have a view group (of text boxes) that should dynamically increase in height as the browser window height increases. We’ve come across potential workarounds like this Setting a group to be % of viewport height dynamically .

If there is someone who has experience with these types of ‘css hacks’ with Bubble, we’d appreciate your help and are willing to start immediately with the right person.

Seems like it should doable using the new responsive engine. Are you using the legacy layout engine?

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I am exactly who you are looking for! I have a lot of experience with CSS/Bubble tricks.

Let’s have a discussion about the details!