Web development to organize a league

I am building a web application to organize beer leagues. There is an existing web app: benchapp meant for professional leagues I guess. I would like to build a similar and a better app for beer leagues. Currently there are no tutorials on bubble.

I would like to launch a web application that has 3 users role types: Super Admin (there’s only one), Sub Admin (called a “League Admin”), and User (called either a “Player” or “Specialty”). Each user can login to the application. The Super Admin is created by me - there will be only one. This Super Admin can invite unlimited “Sub Admins” or these Sub Admins can sign up on their own. These Sub Admins can invite unlimited Users, or these Users can also sign up on their own. Each of these users types can also be any other user type below them. Meaning, the Super Admin (me) can also be a Sub Admin, and I can also be a User - this all depends on my relationships with other accounts. So any Sub Admin can also be a User. Each role (Super Admin, Sub Admin, and future Users) would have a profile with the following information linked to it:

Email Address (username)
First Name
Last Name
Mobile Number (they would select their country code from a list - currently the app will only support USA and Canada, so "+1" is the only country code)
Home Address (select country first, then address fields would populate with correct labels based on country - for example, "State, Zip Code" for USA, "Province, Postal Code" for Canada)
Sport (can have multiple sports linked to each user, choices for now are: 
    Ice Hockey 5v5
    Ice Hockey 4v4
    Ice Hockey 3v3
    Roller Hockey 5v5
    Roller Hockey 3v3
    Ball Hockey 5v5
    Basketball 5v5
    Basketball 3v3)
Position (list will populate based on their "Sport" selection - and each Sport would have its own Position - can also be multiple selections.)
Self Rating (1-4 star rating per sport per position)
Peer Rating (1-4 star rating per sport per position)
League Role (a Sub Admin can be a "League Admin" for one or many league(s), and also just be a "Player" in one or more league(s) )
    League Admin
If "League Role" = "Player" or "Specialty" then a new field called "Status"
If "Status" = "Spare" then a new field called "Priority"
Notification Preferences (Email, Push, SMS)

How do I get started on bubble? Please help.

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