Web page moves around side to side on iphone. Won't stay in one spot

The pages that I view on my iphone move around side to side. Very undesirable behavior. In the example below, I’ve removed all elements with the exception of the dropdown and the slideable menu icon in an effort to troubleshoot this. The pages are set up for mobile at 375 px, and I’ve played around with other widths with no success trying to stop this behavior.

How do I stop this behavior? This seems to happen only on iphone. I have 8+. It doesn’t happen on a Galaxy S8+.

Edit: It seems this is standard behavior for Bubble on the iphone. I’ve noticed it also happens on the Bubble login page…but only after you start entering data. Why is this?

Here’s how the page looks when it first loads. When the page first opens the page is static side to side, how I’d like it to be.

But after I make a selection from the dropdown the page will now move side to side.

Here’s the link to the editor. Editor

Test mode

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Are you using fixed widths or the responsive tools?


That’s likely to be the issue. I’ve found that even designing on mobile pages, I need to use the responsive editor if I want to get rid of the scrolling behavior. Others may have a different solution, but that’s what I’ve had to do to get the results I want.

Not having any luck with that. The page acts as if it’s just floating there. Can be dragged all over the screen.

You’ve probably fixed it by now, but for any others — I’ve been having the same issue and was able to fix it by removing the floating header.