WebApp on domain 1.com and user profiles on domain 2.com

Hello expert Bubble Devs :wink: !

I’m building a WebApp through which users can (among other things) create their own profile and get contacted by vistors of the app as well as (directly) by anyone knowing their profile URL.

The WebApp should be on “domain1.com” - and here users input & modify their data - but user’s profiles should be exposed “externally”, i.e. on “domain2.com/john-smith” - where “John Smith” is the name specified by the user during the sign up process in a specific input field setting up the Slug thing of the user.

Is this achievable?
And, if yes, is the “2 apps joined by Web App Connector” the only way, or you see another way to manage the 2 domains relationship?

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