Webflow raises $72 million

The money will allow Webflow to invest more in marketing, community events and in hiring to build its non-website builder products

It looks like Webflow might become a serious competitor of Bubble. What do you think?


I thought 6 for bubbe was a bit low but this is pretty amazing.

Non-website builder products… Maybe we’re looking at at the new Bubble owners soon… :scream:

Also, it explains their no-code conference a lot better now…

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Would theey build it out such that it would be able to create full stack web apps?

That would be serious competition.

Wow. That is … huge !

And I think a good thing too. #Nocode is no longer niche :slight_smile:


Yes, the last statement in the article certainly seems to suggest that.

Totally! I was wondering what they were thinking, but it makes perfect sense now.

Building apps on Webflow would be an amazing game changer. But probably harder to use. I was more frustrated learning Webflow at first than I am right now learning Bubble which was surprising. I expected the opposite and almost didn’t sign up.

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Bubble is oriented towards backend first approach, they have been focusing on allowing their users develop functional apps firstly, then design & looks secondly. That allowed them to make a solid foundation in that area ( I still get surprised of the stuff you can do/build in Bubble) but somehow lacking in the other.
Webflow on the other hand, currently is mainly for designing only , you can’t really go far beyond that, if they decided to go full stack in the future maybe that will change slowly.
But even still, I believe each company will appeal to different segments of the market, so i don’t see this will be an issue for Bubble in future at all.

Anyhow, I feel like Bubble done the hard part and they are on the right track.


That’s a serious investment right there. I don’t really see Webflow and Bubble competing directly at the moment, but yeah, that might change.

Overall, this is a good thing. No-code being brought into the spotlight can hardly damage Bubble or hurt our client discussions.

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Exactly. If you are the only person fishing on the river, you need to ask yourself if there are any fish.


I loved building a (for me) incredibly complicated data driven “web app” in Bubble, and I love building beautiful front ends in Webflow. If only they could get married so we could build solid data driven back ends with clean and wondrous design.


Right after Webflow will implement nesting data groups, data structure connections and real-time web site updates - then Bubble will have serious problems.

Webflow is definitely preparing to launch a no-code app builder. This is the teaser they launched for their no-code conference: https://youtu.be/v1M4ydNlgP0

And what the founders say on their blog post regarding the Series A:

We will multiply the potential of the internet by empowering people and businesses to create powerful websites and applications themselves — without having to write code.


Monopolies are getting cracked!!! Time to learn new path

I like the way Bubble has a free canvas to design. I don’t like the drag drop feature of Webflow.

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Webflow is not a competitor yet. They seems to be a good builder for one page/landing page/E-commerce solution and kind of WIX analog. If they drive now to the right direction then it might be a good product, but it definitely will not be another bubble… Bubble is perfect for the people with a coding background and I love it because I can make anything what I want, almost with no limits.