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At Bubble, we want to enable potential builders to create their ideas without code, so we are exploring and reviewing the many tools and software that entrepreneurs might use to build apps.

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The Built In Database !

Very honest analysis. I compared myself Bubble & Webflow, plus used some of the other no-code tools cited, and I totally share your opinions about those I know.

I heard many people compare Bubble & Webflow but I think many underestimate how unique & powerful Bubble is in the “no-code” landscape right now.

Great content with all these reviews :ok_hand:

I’ve used both (started with Webflow and eventually made my way to Bubble).

My opinion… the platforms seem very different. Webflow’s focus is on design. It has advanced design features, and someone with design skills can build pretty unique sites. However, there is no user management / login system, and the database and data searching and display functionality is basic in comparison to Bubble or other data-driven platforms. Check out their wishlist to see the functionality that isn’t yet built.

If what you need is design flexibility, with no or minimal data (for example, just need team bios, or a design portfolio, or a relatively simple product set), then Webflow should work well.

If you need data, workflows, advanced search and input forms, user login, etc., then Bubble.