Webhook - Am I missing something?

Calling webhook fails…

I send this webhook link, (Mollie) gets the good link:

But then I get this: (its Dutch for the webhook failed)

Name of the API workflow:

When I test the link it works:

Is there something I’m missing?

Did you make sure your key values in Bubble’s API endpoint match the incoming POST? There is an option in Bubble to automatically detect them for setup purposes - you can fire test webhook POSTs from Stripe via the Stripe dashboard when Bubble is ‘listening’ for an incoming payload.

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Yes every key values were set up good, but I did what you’ve said and the strange thing is that with this webhook (detect data) it had no errors… after that I posted the ‘normal’ webhook url again and still the same error…

Are you deploying your changes to Live in Bubble? It sounds like /version-test/ is working but your live mode (e.g. your app url without /version-test/) is not.

When you specify your webhook url in Stripe, does it contain /version-test/?

I now also tested it with the live version, but same problem…

I don’t use Stripe but Mollie. Strange thing is that they can’t post to /api/1.1/wf/molliemollie but when I changed the webhook to the bubble webhook to detect date it came through…

I now also made a Zapier webhook to test if Mollie would send it there and it did… so I think the problem is in the …/api/1.1/wf/…

Ok, thanks for all your help @supernaturally !

I tested everything via Zapier and they showed better notes of what was wrong. So I could figure out what went wrong: Something in the workflow of the Endpoint wasn’t correct… That’s why it failed… Still find it strange, but it works :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it. Yeah, if a workflow action isn’t correct, the workflow will not run. Setting up all the endpoints for Stripe’s webhooks can be time-consuming, but worth it in the end.

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