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Webhook Newbie Issue

I’m doing an e-commerce like kinda app… so costumer will put products on carts and then pay for them, all good there. Webhook works fine, i get the response data, but my problem seems to be on how do i get the payment_id that i receive and actually attach it to the order made on my database so manager can see each order’s status?

any help would be good, i’m pretty new on that lol

Where the payment is done? How the users pay? They pay inside your app or they are redirected? What are you using? Stripe? Paypal?

You will need to give us more information…

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They are redirected to pay somewhere else, i use here a gateway called “mercado pago”

The problem is that when i get the payment_id from webhook, i want to check the status of the payment… but more than that i want to relate this payment with the order they made… the order exists on my DB, as i also created a field to the webhook notification, but i can’t relate one to another as the Webhook is on backend workflow and i need to somehow relate it to frontend workflows so i can relate the payment_id with the correct order.

Found the solution i was looking for.

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