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Webhook not receiving data?


I am trying to use Replicate API to call a prediction, then after successful prediction, have it send that data to the webhook so I can get the result of the api call that way.

Here is the a screenshot of the initial API call I am sending:

I can getting a successful response:

However, the data is not being received on Bubble when I am under ‘detect data’ for the backend workflow of the webhook:

It is just forever stuck here and Im not getting any data here.

I have tried checking all the boxes too for the api workflow such as ‘ignore privacy rules’ and ‘this workflow can be run without authentication’ ; but still getting the same results.

Any ideas why?


When debugging on I am getting a successful response ; but for some reason when replacing webhook URL with the one in bubble, I am receiving nothing.

Are you on a paid plan?

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This is likely my issue.