Webhook with Ko-Fi not working

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Is the first time that I post in the forum and my english isn’t very good… Sorry if I write something wrong.

I’m trying to receive a POST from Ko-Fi each time someone makes a donation through a webhook and the API workflow don’t receives anything and I don’t understand why…

I pasted the webhook URL in Ko-Fi but when I send the sample data… nothing happens. My app can’t detect any field.

Here you have some screenshots of the configurations that I made:

Then in backend workflows:

And when I press Detect Data:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re using the wrong URL for your endpoint in the API call in Ko-Fi…

Your Bubble endpoint is:

But in your API call you’re calling the endpoint:

So change the URL in the API call to the correct endpoint URL and you should be good…

Sorry ! I was using the correct URL but I used different names doing tests and I made wrong screenshots :sweat:

I modified the first message screenshots to prevent missunderstandings. Sorry again.

The problem persists.

In that case I don’t know… has the webhook definitely been sent?

Double check the webhook is firing first using a service like requestcatcher.com.

If it is firing then you know the issue is in your bubble workflow, but it’s always worth starting there!

Thank you ! Yes, seems that the request is sending correctly because I recieve data in requestcatcher…

Something is wrong in my Bubble config but I can’t figure out what is it :frowning:

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Did you resolve this? i have the same issue =(