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Webpage testing - How can I test my website before going live

How can i test my website before going live.

I have used webpage for my bubble website and it show really bad score in security score and also in first byte time.

The first byte time is taking more than 1200 ms
Can anyone help me how I can reduce it down to 200ms and also how can I improve the security score.

Is this because I haven’t made my app live .

And also I don’t want to make it live without improving these scores.

Maybe check this out?

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@ananthurg77 :wave:

The bad security score is probably because of not using SSL Encryption
If you have a paid plan with a domain name, the security should improve on that score.

Improving first byte time will depend how you built your page and how complex it is.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@J805 @johnny @emmanuel
Pls help I still got my webpage test low scores after making it live.
How Can I improve these scores
How can I improve the security scores…
Why effective use of CDN is blank?
How to improve Cache static content score?
In the water fall diagram it showing fonts are having longer bars
I am using an uploaded fonts which is not in the bubble.
does that make the site slow?

Hey @ananthurg77 :wave:

One way to test things out is to use a completely blank Bubble app and run the same test, you can compare the difference and see what your benchmark should be. Then you can run some tests.

Deleting everything on the page, then pressing ‘undo’ one at a time until all the items are back, is a good way to test as well. Between each undo you can test the page again and see what causes any spike in issues or long load times. You can also clone the page and run it on a test page to be safe.

Maybe try testing it with the custom font you used, and try without it, to see if the score improves enough.

That would be my suggestion. I hope it helps. :blush:

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