Website animations / product demo

Hi -

I am looking to create a product demo / animation for my homepage, similar to (how they show what the user would go through). Is there a way to do this in Bubble?

I checked out the source code for the link you provided and it looks like they programmed out that animation in JavaScript and HTML elements.

I’d recommend going a different way:

Record a video/gif of you doing something on your website and have that be the animation.


Use a service that uses your website screenshots and adds mouse movement to them to simulate clicks and use that as an animation.

Thanks so much. That makes sense! I guess I could use Figma for option 1 as well. Is there a way to add that animation onto Bubble?

How would I add the animation itself onto bubble so it loops?

Create an animated SVG not video or GIF as that will destroy quality, if you know much about after affects, even better! Create a lottie animation.

To loop a video in Bubble try this:

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