Website home URL redirects to

Hi all,

When I use Website home URL variable in workflow that called externally, Website home URL value is instead of

Is there a way to retrieve when i call apis?

Thank you!

Hello! Could you file a bug report so that our team could take a closer look? Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out! We are not comfortable providing app password while filing a bug report.

Let me describe the issue here:

  1. We have a BE endpoint that uses ‘Website home URL’
  2. This endpoint is called from Zoho sign
  3. The result of BE endpoint execution has instead of

Thank you!

Hey there @bubble_ls,

Is this only reproduceable when the “Website Home URL” data is being used in the endpoint for you? It doesn’t seem to have any issues when displayed as a text on a page for me.

And I don’t believe the Bug Report form asks for a login?

Hi @johnny .

Yes, it only happens when we call endpoint from outside. I wonder if it related to this discussion: Can "current user" ever be empty?.

This is a bug report form:

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