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Website loading on Safari but not chrome

Hello - I’ve had an issue today where my website successfully loads in Safari but not in the Chrome browser. I’ve cleared all history and cookies from Chrome but it still doesn’t load. Any thoughts?


Can you share a link? Otherwise it’s a bit hard for anyone to help.

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for getting back to me right away. It’s It’s set to private with a password login, but if you try it in Chrome you shouldn’t even be able to get to the login prompt pop up window at all, and the progress circle in the chrome tab keeps on spinning slowly indefinitely. If you need me to take off the password protection let me know. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Well i can see the password popup on Chrome.

Have you tried on a different system?

Hmm interesting, I guess it’s just a local system issue then. I haven’t tried on a different system because I only have one desktop at home, but I’m glad to see it’s just an issue with my specific computer. Thank you so much for your help, and most importantly thank you for building this amazing platform; I never could have gotten to where I am now without it!



Open Chrome with the --disable-extensions command-line option to disable extensions and see if that fixes it.

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That worked! Thank you! Just curious, what is the technical reason behind why this is happening?

One of your extensions is breaking the page. Now in normal mode disable extensions one by one and refresh the page after each disabled extension until it works. That will be the culprit.

Got it! Thanks!