We'd like to support users ability to upload profile data from Linkedin or Facebook to multiple accounts in Bubble. Anyone else run into this issue?

We enable our users to upload a photo from FB or LN, but this is a problem if the user has multiple accounts in the bubble database.

For example, one user has 2 email accounts: Jackie@gmail.com and Jacquelyn@gmail.com. If she’s logged in as Jackie, her Current User is Jackie. Jackie clicks to upload a photo from LN. However, if she has previously uploaded a photo to her Jacquelyn account (thereby associating LN with her Jacquelyn account), , the Current User will change to Jacquelyn. Thus, she is not able to upload a photo to her Jackie account. Further she gets kicked off the page because Jackie doesn’t have the same permissions as Jacquelyn.

The plugin requires the action ‘signin with social’ to work – this is the reason the user changes. Curious if anyone is working successfully with the FB or LN API directly to get around this issue.

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