Week 1: bigs things about Bubble I learned were

  1. I learned I was building a one page app, because I want to make it cross platform. Thank you, https://coachingnocodeapps.com/ for that one! Their videos are great.

  2. Responsive design.
    Super helpful: https://vimeo.com/162729137
    Also helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZUFCmAaGik

  3. In order to pass data into a popup, you do this workflow:
    ‘Display data in a group/popup’. The data you need to send will be the Current Cell’s item.
    Full thread here: How to show a warning to the user before deleting data?
    Thank you to @j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com for that one!

What critical stuff did you learn in your first week?


Glad it helped! :blush: My first week on Bubble was a long time ago. I wish I could remember. I know the sending data to groups was an important ‘ah ha’ moment for sure.

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

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I started back in Feb.
Loving the journey so far.

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