Weekend Build by Ryan Hoover's Weekend Fund

Hey everyone,

We know many people here use Bubble as a way to build their side project, before seeing if it’s worth investing more time in it and make it their full-time occupation (and business!). Our friend Ryan Hoover (founder of ProductHunt, where we launched Bubble) is launching an initiative to help people make this transition, by forming a group of people exploring this together.

I wanted to share this here as I think this could be a great opportunity for some people here, here is the announcement and how to apply to the program.


Thanks for sharing, @emmanuel. :slight_smile:



and welcome @rrhoover :raised_hands:

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Awesome @emmanuel

@rrhoover Welcome to the forums. Love the initiative :smiley: :heart:

During the 8 week process - Do you adhere to any specific methodologies, or mix thereof? (ex. GV Design sprint etc.)




We’re keeping things very simple and lightweight to begin with. We aren’t going to tell people what to do but instead our goal is to support builders (with feedback, connections, healthy peer accountability, etc.).

We see this as an experiment and welcome feedback and ideas from participants. :slight_smile:


Part Time to Full Time … Right up your street @help :slight_smile:

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Hey @rrhoover, interesting to see you here! Thanks @NigelG for the tag.

@rrhoover I am currently making this exact transition with our company SendPilot (built on Bubble) - we have 2000+ agency users and continually growing! I previously worked at Intel Corporation before starting SendPilot with Nigel and now work full time on the business.

I’d love to find out more about the project and how I can get involved!