Weglot is now compatible with all CMS or web technologies

I used Weglot in Shopify before to handle translation or have customised different languages in my site.

I thoroughly enjoyed using Weglot and find it very easy previously.

They have just announced that Weglot is now compatible with all web technologies.

Just a heads up and wondering if it can be done in Bubble?

Yes you can trigger conditional workflow.

When Current User’s language is ‘LANGUAGE’

Retreive data from external API displaying the text.

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Hi @khairulism (disclaimer I’m Augustin from Weglot),

Yes you should be able to use Weglot.

As long as you can inject a JavaScript snippet (in your header for example) you can use Weglot. And if you want to enable SEO for the translated language, you can do that by creating subdomains in your DNS.
You can check our setup guide here if needed https://weglot.com/documentation/setup-guides/generic-setup-guide/#subdomain_inte