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Wegot problem for signup when i switch on another language url

I use Weglot to translate an app Bubble marketplace and it’s working pretty well about translation.
However, when i want to signup on my app, it’s ok on a the native language, but when i switche of language, i have a error message from Bubble.

Did someone had the same problem?

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yes same problem.

Did you find a solution in the end?

hey @florine.lequette! did you get a way around this?

Hey @jmbarquet & @MattDot ,

yes I finally find a solution.
First, when setting up your app on Weglot, you must not activate subdomains. We looked with a developer at weglot and it doesn’t work.

Second, when you integrate an input on a page, its “content format” can’t be “Integer”. It was so hard to find this problem.
When i changed all of my input “Integer” into “Text”, It worked perfectly.

I really hope it will help for both of you :wink: