Weird Behavior Suddenly Going on with Run Javascript (Toolbox) Plug-in

Do you still get the same error now? Do you get the error if the script is moved to Page HTML Header? Although it is likely dependent on the divs being there…

Well, there’s something VERY wrong going on. I spent a HUGE amount of time figuring out how to ensure that functions are actually available and it’s been working flawlessly until last night. I’ve not pushed an update to live since the 26th until today (to brute force fix this issue by migrating all scripts for a given widget up into the hosting page header).

And, yet, I saw my app post “we’ve made changes to the app – reload” at least two times (possibly 3) while I built all of that out on my dev version.

Srsly, @Bubble, what is it you’re changing when this happens???

This problem only started happening late evening PST yesterday.

Again, I can no longer replicate the problem as I force-fixed it. Loading scripts in the header of the page (and removing them from elsewhere) forces loading order. But basically, something late yesterday broke either script loading OR the Toolbox plug-in. Because I had made NO changes.

What the original post here was explaining (and the image in the OP is unfortunately slightly truncated at top from where it should be) is that we were getting to (1) in the picture below, but barfing on (2) below. There’s kind of sort of no way that could happen as moment-range (as shown in (1) below) is available… and yet, my app started choking at (2) in the image below.

^^^ this is the behavior now. I can’t make it randomly choke. (Because I’ve made it completely choke-proof – as long as Bubble doesn’t move my scripts out of the actual HTML header, that is – but it would be WAY better in terms of maintainability if I hadn’t had to do that.)

It’s obvious that something changed that either (a) broke something in Run Javascript [BTW, whatever that is is still broken – I could not find a version where the bad behavior did not happen and I’m sure it still does]) or (b) changed script loading in some very strange way (this is less likely as the checks I have in place confirm that functions are loaded before calling them and I don’t see a way that typeof() could pass and without that really being the case).

A Bubble changelog would be helpful in situations like this. But as it is, we have no ability to review a change and report to @Bubble, “uh, wait a minute, that breaks stuff.” It’s fairly annoying.

I’d make a video, but I’ve been at working around this for more than 16 hours now and I’m kind of worn out.

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