Weird cache issue?

I have a strange issue and I haven’t been able to find an answer in the forums.

I have a reporting system where data is populated into text fields based on the unique id of the data in the URL.

Like this:

This is working fine for me but I have users emailing and sending me images of the data being missing when they load the page.

This is what they are seeing: (everything in red is data I have removed because I am not allowed to share this information but there is data showing in these areas.

Why wouldn’t the “Ad Plays”, “Accounts” or “TVs” data be showing up? It shows up when I access the same page. Could it be a browser compatibility issue? I have noticed that Safari and Edge seem to be less compatible with Bubble than Chrome.

Privacy rules

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I looked at that but when I spoke to my customer. 2 of them actually. One restarted their computer and the data then showed up and the other changed browsers and the data showed up so it shouldn’t be privacy rules, should it?

Privacy rules are evaluated on page load. Maybe a refresh fixed it. But there’s dozens of things this issue could be so really we’re just guessing… use the debugger, check you’re logged in as the right user, etc…

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