Weird Centering Issue

Hey Forum,

I have a few issues that in the builder are correct, but on the page they are wrong, am I doing something wrong?

The $33 $150 is set to fixed width in the builder and its still going to another line.

These are all centered, they even look centered in the builder, but on the page they are not.

Is this a bug? I have tried to fix this, nothing. :frowning:


What is the strike-through on 150? It looks like something else is modifying it? A conditional?

Show your alignment settings and layout tabs for this text block and other areas around or outside it.

The real data is

$33 $150.00

which is 3 characters more

Also, while dealing with this kind of visual alignment bugs. I always advise to display the container’s border to try to understand what’s going on.

As your background is black, go ahead and mark the containers with a white border so you can see it. You might see surprising stuff that you didn’t expectd.

Thank you for that, removing the decimal points worked. AHAH. I am slow.

I will see about the other thing here shortly. I appreciate it you two. :slight_smile: