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Weird database behavior

We have an option set for deleting requests (1 option - deleted or (none))

We mark all of our test requests as deleted.

However when we checked recently, none of them were marked deleted. We only have one action that changes the delete status of the request, and it isn’t reversible.

How on earth did this happen? This is the weirdest database error I have seen

Weird… have you checked to see if the workflow is making the change? This would at least identify whether a bug cropped up in your workflow, or if something happened retroactively to a bunch of your data.

No, it’s not possible. Every time I trigger it, it changes the status to deleted like it should. Just for some weird reason one day all the requests in the database had a status of (none)

Sorry, I meant that the workflow is making the change to deleted in the first place. But it sounds like you are seeing that change happen. And I also assume you’ve checked the data in the editor, to make sure it’s not some sort of weird display or filtering issue on the front end.

All that being eliminated, I’d go to Bubble with a bug report. Any notion of data being changed via a bug on their end is worth tracking down. To my knowledge I haven’t experienced this, but I would be very concerned if I did.

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