Weird formatting at a specific zoom percentage


I’m facing an issue where if I set my zoom to a specific percentage (90 percentage for me, but on my friend’s computer it was 67.5%), the formatting would have errors as shown in the first image. For other percentages it was formatted correctly, as shown by the second image.

This only seems to be an issue on windows as this was tested on an Apple computer with no formatting errors faced.

How can this error be solved?

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated !

Wrong Formatting (at specific zoom %):

Correct Formatting:

Did you already check the “Responsive tab”?


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Long standing Bug. First noticed the issue about 3 years ago when zoom is at 110%. 100% fine (obviously), 110% gets all wacked, then above 110% things are fine. Have not really played around with it to see if it ever got fixed, but from your post seems likely not.

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