Weird formatting changes based on nothing


So I have no idea why this happens, but when animating a group using a the same icon within the same repeating group Card i have designed, some formatting is as expected, while others is all crazy and shifted. I have no explanation - the dimensions should all match, so i dont get it.

See the photo:

Is this a Bubble bug or have you got any suggestions? Fixed width is on.

Is each field-button combo in a group by themselves?

No, they are all inside one group

Can you share a link to the editor so we can look at the structure?

Cant unfortunately, its a live app. Essentially its a those elements are nested within a fixed width group, which is nested within a group that is styled.

would you suggest putting the elements in their own groups per row?

Yeah, usually any time I have elements that depend on each other for alignment, I put those in a group together.

Thanks have grouped them lets see if it fixes it. Thanks a lot

Be sure to tell that group how you want it to behave, whether it’s fixed width and such, and also be sure to specify the alignment of the input field and button within the group (right align, left align, etc.)

I believe in you!

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I got it sorted. I ended up just saying screw it, deleting the whole group and building it again. Fixed now. Seemed to be one of those things that no matter what changes i made, it would break something else. Rebuilding it has fixed it and now its pretty solid.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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