Weird repeating group, what's wrong here?

Hi, I have a repeating group that acts weird.
It consists of two main groups: a header, which is only shown on the first row, and a content group.

The following is wrong with it:

  • The header group is shown on all rows instead of only row #1 , despite the condition I gave it. (to be preciese: the editor shows this wrongly. In the preview it is ok. Still weird)
  • In the editor, I cannot click on items in the content group (!). Only using the element tree I can select them
  • Only the last row in the preview behaves like it should. (workflow on buttons, and color changing when hovering/clicking) All other rows are dead.

I made a short video:
[removed because Ifound the solution]
Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

I had this problem for two days now. I decided to delete the header group. That turned out to be the problem. I will try to create a new header group outside the repeating group now.