Weird result when opening file from my AWS S3

Hello, I hope someone can help me. I set up a bucket in which I automatically transfer PDF documents from Docspring. I want to be able to open them from my Bubble application and I believe I have done everything right but when I launch my Bubble API with a GET, the document that is opening is weird, it’s only x��w� E��[�p���}�� � 7 7��9�� PQQ � 9; ��� in an html page rather than a PDF document, but it’s fine if I open it directly from my AWS S3. I did specify application/pdf in Binary Media File Types in Amazon API Gateway.

Hi @rtanguay l did you manage to resolve this problem you had with your PDFs uploaded to the S3 bucket

Hi, I create an API connection with AWS API gateway to be able to get the files and have the permission but it was complicated and was not what I wanted so I decide to hire an AWS expert to develop a functionality that generates PDF/Excel/CSV files and save them to my S3 and send web hook when the file is read with Submision ID, File ID and all the meta I what to send so it’s in the webhook allowing me to trigger action based on those meta. I can get the files from an API and manipulate it, Download/Send as attachment in base64/Delete/Regenerate. There are a lot of possibilities with AWS but it’s not easy to set up.

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