Weird Video Element Bug causing height to grow

I have a data type, Post, with 3 relevant fields, videoId, likes, and dislikes.

I’m using the native video element to display a Vimeo video (using the Post video Id), which works fine initially. I have it posted on a blog style page, so the video has a like and dislike button. Clicking on one of those buttons runs a workflow that will create a Vote (another data type tied to the post, user, and whether it was a like or dislike), and change the post likes or dislikes count accordingly. This also works as expected…

…EXCEPT, that when you click like or dislike, for some reason, the video changes size and becomes much larger. Doing so repeatedly will continue to make the video larger and larger. This is very puzzling to me, as the video player has no conditionals, no margins, paddings, or borders. It has an aspect ratio of 16x9, with a min width of 0 and a max width 960px.

I’m looking at the debug editor step-by-step and nothing is changing here that would explain this. I did see in the chrome inspector that there is a block that is being duplicated,

<div style="position: relative; padding-top: 56.25%;" position="absolute" top="0" left="0" display="block" margin-top="" margin-left="" width="100%" height="100%"></div>

This seems to account for the height of the video growing. I’m not sure why or how this is being generated. I have tested this and it happens on Chrome, Brave, Edge browsers on mobile and desktop devices.

From what I see, it might be related to the “keep element aspect ratio fixed” layout setting.

When this is checked, the height disappears. I am assuming it becomes some kind of dynamic height or something like that. Maybe try unchecking this and putting a fixed height. The video aspect ratio doesn’t get broken with different heights (I have tried).

Yeah this is what I’ve done for now, and using conditionals to change the height depending on the page width. When the aspect ratio was working it was clean, so this is not as nice but we’ll have to do for now.