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Welcome Alert Message after signing up

I’m using the built in Signup-popup-form-Reusable-Element to sign up users, once a user is signed up and the popup closes, i want to add an action that shows a welcome Alert Message, but since the Signup-popup-form is a reusable element and when u drag an Alert Element onto it, the popup will become the parent, and the message will never show, because the popup closes as soon as the user is signed up

Is there maybe a trigger event like “user signs up”? (not logs in) so i can add a separate workflow on another page with an action to show this message when a user signs up the first time?

Or maybe i can create the Alert in another page, but then i don’t have access to it in the popup reusable element to use it as an action in the sign up workflow.

The way to do this is to set a state on the reusable group (e.g., show-confirmation=yes) and then on the page itself, set a workflow, when resuable element’s show confirmation = yes, then display the notification.


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