Welcome page instead of index


Every time we load the editor the index page is loaded in to the editor. How often do you actually edit the index page when opening up the editor? To save both loading time and risk of editing some thing by accident why not start the editor with just a fast loading welcome page from bubble and then you choose the page you want to edit.

Keep up the good work!

As an opposing viewpoint, I always click the checkbox that says, “Never show this welcome page again”

As long as the checkbox is there, I’m happy

Well. It is not really the same is it? My question is rather “Why are we loading the index page every time we start the editor”. 95% of the time we start the editor we are not planning to edit the index page. So why not save loading time and not load any page at all upon start up. I maybe wrong here but I don’t see the logic loading the index page every time you start the editor.

Oh, I see what you were saying. I got hung up on the “Welcome Page” phrasing and missed the rest of your point. You’re saying, “Speed up editor loading by not loading any specific page until we tell it what page to open.” I can see the point in that. I guess it never takes long enough to load for me to feel that pain, but I definitely believe others have that issue. You have my blessing lol

Ha ha thanks! :sunglasses: