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Welcome to Bubble's Forum

Aoa I m new here ! Suggest me projects and help me grow . I am anxious to work

Hello I am new here.

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Hey guys,

Nice to be here. I am a new here and i am looking for your support to know better the Bubble))

All the best to everyone


Hey everyone,
I’ve just joined. Excited to be a part of this exciting community :grinning:

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Hello, i am also new here:)

:wave: Welcome, @CoraTorres!

Hey I am new here
I guess bubble is getting many people

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Hi We are looking for a bubble developer to create a new food delivery concept MVP for the UK market. we are looking to launch and fast, we have features to a minimum and would be open to using the BubbleZeoqode template too. Pls message me if you are interested!

Hey there @marwa.youssef82,

I’d recommend creating a thread in #jobs-freelance

thanks !

Looking forward to learn more about bubble here